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By Dr.Year Ali

Like anxiety, depression is frequently blamed as the origin of someone’s spritual suffering, when the truth is that depression can also be traced to physical origins. Depression is not the only sign of a weak mind or character; it’s a very real symptom that can give you important insights into your health.
If depression accompanies other symptoms
(Palpitation,SOB on mental stress,Thyroid problems,Dyspepsia,Liver dysfunctions, Migraine, Lyme ds, Mayelgia, etc)
on this list, EBV is a likely culprit. When EBV feeds off of large amounts of toxic heavy metals (Hg,Cu,Al,As,Cd etc) in your system, the resulting high levels of neurotoxic waste( Blend compound made of viral corpses and heavy metals) saturate the brain, altering and hampering neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin—resulting in a depressive state. Life-style related stress and mental trauma instigate secretion of excessive noxiuos Adrenaline from suprarenal gland . EBV feed off adrenaline the hormone which is favourite for all pathogens.

Therefore, Acute mental shock or spritual trauma precipitates Acute Depression tends to SUICIDE.

So, Depression is psychological as well as physical problem.

This information, is absolutely 100% true and nowhere you find.

We must approach to manage and cure Depression in #INTEGRATIVE manner . Modern Day large population being affected by it and in future will be more. We must eradicate and oppress EBV and Heavy Metals from our blood and organs.

Let’s initiate from DIET and DRINK.

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