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হিজামার কাজগুলি কী কী?

Hijama(RWCT) is beneficial for all diseases. Excellent adjuventory for –

*Migraine or chronic headache
*Hair fall
*Neck pain disorders
* Upper back pain disorders
*Mid back pain disorders
*Low back pain disorders
*Leg cramps
*Knee joint pain disorders
*Ankle joint pain disorders
*Uric acid disorders
*Rheumatoid Arthritis
*Multiple sclerosis
*Raynaud’s diseases
*Sleep disorders
*All gynecological problems
*Bulky uterus
*Anxiety, Depression
*Nerve and muscle pain
*Traumatic pain and swelling
* Allergy
* Psoriasis,eczema
*Liver problems
*High blood pressure
*High blood fat
*High blood density problems
*Thyroid problems
* Heavy metals intoxications
*Chronic viral infections and disorders
*Blood dyscrasia
*TMJ disorders
*Bell’s palsy etc.

@There are many common chemicals that we use or are exposed to in everyday life that wreak havoc on our health over time. Many of them are so deeply entrenched in our culture and way of life that you may have never questioned their safety or long-term health consequences.

Extraction toxic waste,toxic materials,heavy metals,pathogens directly from affected area especially from skin is best way to support to heal our body. And easy,affordable,cost-effective,quick relief,zero side-effect procedure is RWCT/HIJAMA.

It is extremely beneficial & zero-side effect.

Doubt,confusion,disbelief regarding it in mind is up against Hadith mentioned below. In addition, thinking as it harmful is Kufr.

(If any dr or person desires to learn it scientifically and with true informations, may contact me -9804105660.

1 thought on “হিজামার কাজগুলি কী কী?”

  1. Md Nek Baksha

    Assalamu Alaikum ! Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I am your new student . I also read the article about blood density. Today this was the topic of our class. Alhamdulillah ! I am so happy to attend your class every week Insha’ Allah.

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