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কিছু কথা — একাডেমি সম্পর্কে৷ বলছেন—ডাঃ ইয়ার আলী; চেয়ারম্যান – আশ-শিফা একাডেমিক ইন্সটিটিউট,ভাবতা,বহরমপুর,মুর্শিদাবাদ৷

  ♥AS-SHIFA ACADEMIC INSTITUTE is a unit of the socio-health-learning category of AS-SHIFA TRUST. It has multi-directional activities to change people towards truth and realities. One of them is AS-SHIFA ACADEMIC INSTITUTE which works on educational aspects especially health-related training and learning. Initially, it works on some paramedical or alternative medical courses to entrain students so that our health-crisis and professional health crisis may fulfill in some extend. President or Chairman of this trust is Dr. Md Year Ali Sk, Medical officer of a govt hospital, desiring to develop society through education, true health care, drugless therapy, holistic thought of medical care, etc. To approach such a goal, AS-SHIFA ACADEMIC INSTITUTE is a step forward.

খুবই সুন্দর যোগাযোগ, নিরিবিলি পরিবেশ, এসি ক্লাশ রুম, ডিজিটালাইজড ক্লাশ, ডাক্তার দ্বারা ও সুনাম ধন্য শিক্ষককুল দ্বারা ক্লাশ নেওয়া হয়৷

♦Netaji Open University এর অনুমোদনে —

Netaji Open University:
COURSE                 DURATION                 FEES per yr
1) Diploma in Yoga-        1 year –                          20k

2)Diploma in Medicine- 1 year –                          20k


3)Diploma in Naturopathy- 1 year-                      15 k

4)Diploma in Organic

Agriculture and Horticulture –  1 year-                 15 k

5) Post Graduate Diploma in

Psychological counseling-          1 year-                 40k

6)Diploma in Pre-primary

teachers( ICDS, SSK প্রভৃতি

চাকরীর জন্য গ্রহণযোগ্য ও সুবিধাজনক)-  1 year-            15 k

♣ All courses would be combined with RWCT. As well as for commencement year, 40% discounted rate mentioned above( actually all course per anum 25k except no-5 course).


♥Unani Congres council অনুমোদিত—

1. RWCT- Regimental Wet CuppingTherapy: 1-year course . 15 k per anum. Only for MBBS, BHMS, BUMS, BAMS.

♥ West Bengal  Govt.অনুমোদিত—

1. MLT- Medical Laboratory Technician

2. Assistant In Pharmacy

♦ both courses are free and under West Bengal Govt.


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