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1) Future health care is trendy to natural, holistic, drugless and preventive for all chronic illnesses. Maximize these efforts to become realities and scientific.

2)In India, an average of 11000 people depends on 1 doctor or 1 doctor per 11000 people. So, quality health services and time-taken medical services are quite hard and horrible. To be part of quality health care to society or country, by training more educated people about medical essential knowledge.

3)To stop or reduce a condition or diseases, we must approach that condition with all scientific, affordable, available aspects so that human suffering may reduce within a short time for the long term and least or no side-effects. That is a holistic approach. This motive approach is trendy for the future. Naturopathy, Yoga, RWCT, physiotherapy, Herbal care, Alternative therapies are part of holistic era alongside conventional therapies.

4)To spread the greatness of Islam, To attract towards Islam the truth.

5)Fulfill the health-related needs of people, as well as other commodities, need in daily life.

6)To prove the reality of Hadith-
” Allah has sent down all diseases with their treatments; whenever proper treatment and care to be provided, all diseases would be finished except Death Insha Allah.” ( Sahih Muslim)

7) Islam is a religion of all solutions including Health-problems but it is ignored. Our other noble work to prove
” Islam is the religion of all problems, health problems also .”